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Bat Removal and Cleanup for Redmond Homes

Bat Removal Services in Redmond

The demand for residential bat removal services in Redmond, WA is on the rise. There is a growing incidence of bats entering homes and making big maternity colonies in the area. Roosting bats in attic corners and other secluded places on a residential property can pose a number of problems for the inhabitants. Also, the incidence of rabies in local bats is on the rise. It is important to hire professionals for bat removal in time, before matters go from bad to worse.

If you, too, have detected the presence of bats in your attic, waste no time in calling Eastside Exterminators. We are a leading wildlife control company that has established itself as one of the best sources for bat removal services in the Redmond area. We rid area homes of bats through:

  • Humane bat control methods, focusing on live trapping of the animals
  • Our detailed, well-though-out process for bat removal and prevention
  • Providing services from trained and seasoned bat control specialists


Bats in an Attic Can Do Damage to Your Redmond Home

Even the most ardent animal lover cannot tolerate bats in the attic of his or her home, as doing so is damaging and unhealthy.

bat removal service - bat control - animal control bats

Rub marks from bats entering the house to roost.

Serious property damage and other harmful effects are associated with the presence of bats in attics of Redmond homes. These include:

  • Broken roof edges, siding, and vents
  • Unsightly rub marks and urine stains on building surfaces
  • Persistent foul odor in the home
  • Exposure to serious disease spread by microbes growing in bat droppings
  • Risk of rabies developing after bat bites
  • Health risks due to mites, fleas, and ticks that cling to bats

Call us for bat removal as soon as you observe signs of bats in attic, such as rustling sounds during the night or bat droppings in the attic.

Why Should Redmond Residents Choose Us for Bat Control?

If you are considering a bat removal do-it-yourself job, let us change your mind! By avoiding professional help and making an amateur attempt at bat control in your Redmond home, you might end up:

  • Damaging your property
  • Injuring yourself or others helping you
  • Hurting the animals
  • Getting infected by a disease-carrying bat

Let us deal with bat control and removal from your home. We have technicians licensed by the state Wildlife Commission to deliver bat control services.

Our professionals work with proper equipment and protective gear. They also take measures to prevent bat re-infestation and even clean up, repair, and sanitize your bat-infested attic.

Have bats in the attic of your Redmond home? Stop worrying and call Eastside Exterminators for bat control services. Dial (425) 629-0359.

Bat Removal Redmond - Services You Can Count On

Eastside Exterminators has been helping Seattle area homeowners deal with all kinds of infestations since 1969. Call us today to schedule and learn more about our wildlife removal services at (425) 482-2100.