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Bat Removal and Cleanup for Marysville Homes

Bat Removal Services or Getting Rid of Bats in Marysville

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Bats in the attic? We take care of that!

Since bats generally prefer a warm environment they tend to roost in barns, attics, crawlspaces, caves and underground sewers. Obvious signs of bats in the attic of your home in Marysville are hearing them at night, seeing bats in flight during the evening hours, and evidence of bat guano. Since a gap as small as 3/8 inch is all that is needed as an entryway and exit point for bats, it is crucial to call for professionals to secure your home against a potential bat invasion.

We provide professional bat control and removal services using a range of exclusion techniques that may include, but are not limited to:

  • Locating entry points
  • Installing one-way exclusion to exclude the colony
  • Sealing all entry points after complete bat removal
  • Installing screen vents, chimney caps, and other barriers as needed

After effectively removing all bats in the attic or other viable areas, our highly-trained technicians will remove the filth and debris, decontaminate and neutralize the area.  Call us today for bat control using safe and humane exclusion techniques.

Bats in the Attic Can Do Damage to Your Marysville Home

Not only are bat colonies a nuisance when they take up residence inside human dwellings, they can do damage to your Marysville home. In addition to concern about the health risks to you and your family from disease and parasites that come from waste contamination from a colony of bats in the attic, professional bat removal and bat control is essential in preventing damage such as:

  • Embedded bacteria and mildew into your wood from their waste
  • Drywall or sheetrock collapse from weight of guano accumulation
  • Ruined insulation
  • Devaluation of property

If you have a bat colony within your attic, it is not a bat removal do it yourself project. Call for the professional services of our fully licensed technicians for removal and bat control to avoid proliferation and extensive damage over a period of years.

Why Should Marysville Residents Choose Us for Bat Control?

Bat Control professionals can protect your home and keep you safe

Bat removal and wildlife control experts. Relax, we've got you covered!

Professional bat removal and control is essential for homeowners because colonization of bats in the attic create some of the most destructive problems of any attic-inhabiting creatures. With our years of experience in residential bat removal and prevention services we have built a reputation using humane exclusion techniques for effective bat control. These are a few reasons to choose us for removal of bats in the attic or other nesting areas in your Marysville home:

  • Provision of a complete site inspection
  • Licensed, bonded and insured
  • Proven method of control using humane exclusion techniques
  • Professional contamination cleanup services
  • Quick response and excellent customer service

Bat Removal Marysville Services You Can Count On

Eastside Exterminators has been helping Marysville area homeowners deal with all kinds of infestations since 1969. Call us today to schedule and learn more about our wildlife removal services at (425) 482-2100.