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Bat Removal and Cleanup for Everett Homes

Bat Removal Services or Getting Rid of Bats in Everett

Bats typically prefer habitats far from human contact. However, they sometimes enter buildings to avoid predators and the elements. Their common roosting sites are attics, water wells, and sheds. If you realize that there are bats in the attic or elsewhere in your Everett, WA home, you’ll want to get rid of them ASAP. Call Eastside Exterminators for bat removal and prevention. Our company has state licensed wildlife technicians to provide bat control and bat removal services to Everett residents. Whether your home has a bat colony, a solitary bat, or a few bats in the attic, trust our experts to get them out.

Our technicians begin a residential bat removal job by inspecting the property thoroughly. This helps them identify the:

  • Structural deficiencies that let bats in the attic
  • Roosting site and species of the bats
  • Magnitude of measures required for effective bat control

Bats in an Attic Can Do Damage to Your Everett Home

Existence of bats in the attic of your home can be damaging for the property as well as your family. Their repeated entry and exit may damage vents, roof edges, and siding. Their bodies might leave unattractive rub marks on building surfaces, while their urine and droppings may also leave unsightly stains. Bat droppings in an attic are also breeding grounds for microbes that cause a potentially fatal disease, histoplasmosis. Persistent foul smell is another fallout of the presence of bats in the attic of your home.

All these reasons should be enough to make you take bat control and bat removal seriously. Also remember that bats can sometimes be rabid, so you should leave the removal of bats in the attic to technicians who are:

  • Trained for the job
  • Supported with proper equipment
  • Equipped with suitable safety gear

Why Should Everett Residents Choose Us for Bat Control?

bat removal services in EverettControlling and eliminating a bat infestation in a home can be quite challenging. The professionals you hire for bat control must be up to the task, as they have to be very thorough in their bat removal efforts. You can find such knowledgeable, well-equipped, and diligent bat control experts when you choose us.

Our technicians strive to end your bat problems without resorting to bat extermination. They use a humane, live exclusion process to perform bat control in your Everett home:

  • Effectively
  • Completely
  • Safely

Have bats in the attic in your Everett home? Call Eastside Exterminators at 425-954-2463 to get a bat removal cost estimate or to schedule a bat control job.

How Bat Removal and Cleanup Works

You can probably imagine how difficult it is to get a skittish nocturnal animal that flies out of a house. Never mind if there is more than one of them roosting in an attic or crawlspace.

Bat removal truly is a challenge, and needs to be left to professionals who know what works. Indeed, many things that are promoted as solutions aren’t useful at all.

For instance, sometimes retailers advertise mothballs, ammonia, ultrasonic sound emitters, and strobe lights for this purpose. The reality is that none of these things will drive bats away from your family and off your property. All you will be doing by trying them is wasting money and causing yourself trouble.

At Eastside Exterminators, our wildlife experts all specialize in one part of the bat removal process. We make use of a variety of exclusion and cleanup techniques depending on the specific conditions at a given house. But the process generally involves:

  • Assessing entry points around the roof, soffits, and eaves.
  • Installing one-way systems that allow bats to exit the house but not return.
  • Sealing entry points with chimney caps, screen vents and other barriers.
  • Clearing, decontaminating, and deodorizing the areas used by bats.

If necessary, our technicians can also discuss replacement of damaged insulation, which is another service we offer.

Bat Removal Services You Can Count On

Eastside Exterminators has been helping Seattle area homeowners deal with all kinds of infestations since 1969. Call us today to schedule and learn more about our wildlife removal services at (425) 482-2100.