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The Baldfaced Hornet (Also Bald Faced Hornet)

Dolichovespula maculata - a well-known stinging insect found along the Pacific Northwestern coastal regions stretching from northern Oregon through Washington State to Alaska. They create large, paper-like hornet nests.

About Baldfaced Hornets

Pest Control for Baldfaced Hornets Stinging Insects

Similar to yellowjackets in shape, but larger and with black/white colors rather than black/yellow, baldfaced hornets are another dangerous social wasp. Although nests can be large, the colonies are themselves small, usually having several hundred workers. Baldfaced hornet nests are nearly always found hanging on eaves, trees or other exterior locations and are only very rarely found in enclosed spaces.

When a Baldfaced Hornet nest is nearby, professional pest control is a must. The same care and caution used in dealing with yellow jackets should be used when dealing with bald-faced hornets. There aren’t as many hornets in a nest, but they are larger, and they inject more venom when they sting. Liquids or aerosols are the best formulations to use in treating their nests. Try not to disturb the nest or move within the nest territory. Because of their aggressive nature, it is advised to have a pest control professional treat and remove the nest.

What does a Baldfaced Hornet nest look like?

Baldfaced Hornets nests are generally located in trees and bushes. Baldfaced hornets nests can occasionally be found connected to houses with overhangs or on the sides of buildings. The nests are built with several suspended combs containing compartments or chambers for larvae, all within a paper covering. .


Special pest control methods for baldfaced hornets nest

Aggressive, dangerous stinging insects that are protective of their nests

Baldfaced hornets aggressively defend and protect their nests. Because of this aggressive nature, it is highly recommended that you hire a pest control professional to handle the job with the appropriate treatments and equipment. If you see a hornet nest, do not approach it. Call now for help - don't wait for a painful sting - Eastside Exterminators can remove the problem and protect your home and family.  (425) 482-2100.