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Bat Removal and Cleanup for Mercer Island Homes

Mercer Island Bat Removal Services - Getting Rid of Bats in Attic

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Little Brown Bats are common in the Mercer Island area and require bat control and removal.

If you are aware of bats in the attic of your Mercer Island home, it should not be considered a bat removal do-it-yourself project! Many homeowners have the misconception that methods such as ammonia, ultrasonic sound emitters, mothballs or strobe lights are effective for residential bat control. It is rare for homeowners to think about problems of bats in the attic or crawlspace areas; however, bats can pose health risks and the possibility of rabies from a single bite or scratch.

Since we have been providing bat control services for the past 50 years, we know what works. As experts in bat control and removal services we use exclusion techniques such as, but not limited to:

  • Identification of entry and exit points
  • One-way exclusion installation that allow escape without re-entry
  • Entry point sealing
  • Barrier installations including chimney caps and screen vents

Our team of technicians is experienced in removing filth and debris, area decontamination and application of odor neutralizer once the removal services have been completed.

So call us today for removal services to avoid potential colony growth of bats inside your home.

Bats in an Attic Can Do Damage to Your Mercer Island Home

bat damage in attic - bats in attic - bat control

Damage caused in attic by bats!

Though bats are very beneficial in eliminating insects, they can become more than just a nuisance when they colonize and produce a rapid and massive accumulation of unsanitary guano (bat droppings)  that can create damage to your Mercer Island home. Roosting bats in an attic produce their babies and, following successful raising, return annually to breed again.

Because of health hazards and the potential for rabies from a bite or scratch, it is essential to call on our professional experts for rapid bat removal and bat control services to avoid damage to your home, such as:

  • Contaminated, damaged or ruined insulation
  • Sheet rock structural damage from soaking waste
  • Devaluation of property

We are experienced in bat removal and bat control using exclusion techniques to avoid damage and property devaluation.  Call us today!

Why Should Mercer Island Residents Choose Us for Bat Control?

Roosting bats in the attic are persistent creatures and frequently end up in the living space of your home! Major concerns about bats in the attic are the accumulation of guano that contains pathogens and serves as a breeding medium for fungal disease that can be transferred to humans when breathing in the fungal spores, in addition to potential damage to your home.

wildlife control - bat control - bat removal mercer island

Bats in attic? Call the pros!

As professionally licensed and trained experts in residential bat removal and bat control techniques, these are some of the reasons Mercer Island residents choose us:

  • Our use of humane exclusion methods
  • Affordable bat removal cost
  • Licensed, bonded and insured
  • Follow-up with professional contamination cleanup services
  • Customer service excellence for both large and small projects

Bat Removal Mercer Island Services You Can Count On

Eastside Exterminators has been helping Mercer Island area homeowners deal with all kinds of infestations since 1969. Call us today to schedule and learn more about our wildlife removal services at (425) 482-2100.